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the Self Discovery Sisterhood

Welcome to the Self Discovery Sisterhood

Solve the mystery of being you through workshops, courses, groups, & circles

Hello and Welcome

I am Dianna Lee Graves founder of the
Self Discovery Sisterhood.

Throughout my life I have been dedicated to helping women learn why they think, feel, and act the way they do.  

Then provide them with strategies and opportunities to practice new ways of being. Support and feedback so they can confidently become their authentic self, find their voice, and create the relationships they desire. 

l created this on-line learning community for women who want or need to connect virtually.

Here in the Sisterhood Community you will find workshops, courses, group coaching, and circles filled with learning opportunities for self-awareness, self-connection, and those crucial "AHA" moments needed for self-discovery and healing.

We learn together.
We practice together.
We succeed together.

My vision of the Self Discovery Sisterhood is a place for women to feel safe and supported while they re-gain their balance as they find their way back on track on their healing journey.
This community is a 'soft place to land' and be seen, heard, and held when life is not going the expected way and go-to strategies aren't working.
When the yoga, journaling, meditating, and movement isn't keeping them in balance the way it used to.
When the unsettled feelings and unhappiness is creeping into all life areas and they are silently struggling to figure out why.

My mission is providing learning opportunities that are grounded in science and energy psychology while focused and presented in a holistic perspective of Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Mind + Body + Spirit = You

If you are like me, you have experienced your share of life's ups and downs. You have read a pile of self-help books, taken workshops, courses, been to talk therapy, and watched Oprah to help you make sense of why you aren't as happy as you think everyone else is.

Maybe by now you realize they aren't that happy either. and just pretend to be on social media (which most of us do) but you know deep inside you have the ability to have a happier life if you can get through this stuck place you are in.

And perhaps like me you know your past has some unresolved issues that are likely a part of why you are unhappy with yourself and your life.

You want to work through it but it's now obvious you can't do it on your own - because if you could, you would have done it by now.

At age 23 (I am now 56) I began my healing journey. My education, experience and training has led me to know that we all carry our unresolved emotions and memories from past wounding in an invisible pack on our back.

We don't even realize we carry this backpack because it has become a part of who we are. We don't pay attention to it because it's out of sight and away from our conscious awareness.

But the contents in our pack influence our beliefs, thoughts, choices, and actions.
"Wherever we go, there we are".
We take with us the memories, stories, and life situations that have formed our personalities and way of being in the world. All the content in our pack affects the relationship we have with ourselves and others. 

As we age and increase our life experiences we habitually "stuff" anything that hurts us in there. Out of sight and mind. 

But this makes the pack larger and at some point it becomes too emotionally heavy for us to carry. We don't realize how heavy it is and how much it weighs us down. 

Sometimes we acknowledge it as "emotional baggage" and laugh it off.

However, despite our best efforts, our subconscious self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours begin to spill out.

All the sadness, frustration, and anger.

All the shame, blame, guilt.

How heavy is your backpack and what do you think is inside?

Our backpack influences our beliefs and the way we think, feel, and act. It impacts our perception and judgement we have of ourselves and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. 

It is responsible for how happy or unhappy we feel with ourselves, and how satisfied or unsatisfied we are with our life and relationships. 

It subconsciously guides and shapes our lives as it influences each emotion, thought and decision.

Our outer life is a reflection of our inner life.

The journey of discovering what is in your backpack is easier when:

  • you know you are not alone in your struggles (we have all silently struggled to cope)

  • you are in the company of women who also want to learn why their life is the way it is and how to make it better

  • you are guided through activities, topics, and conversations that connect you to yourself


Here at the Self Discovery Sisterhood you will:

  • learn how your life event(s) are keeping you stuck and affecting you holistically (mind, body & soul) 
  • find the answers to the questions you seek about yourself
  • discover within you the power to change your life and get off the hamster wheel 
  • create a personalized kit of coping strategies and life balance practices using proven Eastern & Western techniques grounded in psychology, brain-based science, and tradition
  • have access to guidance, support, and education from a somatic therapist, self-empowerment teacher, and group life coach
  • empty your backpack of past narratives, stories, and books that weigh you down.

This unique community is for women ready to commit their time and energy resources on being the best versions of themselves.

Women who have started on, or want to begin a self awareness journey.

Women who desire to walk beside kindred sisters also seeking authentic connection, friendship, and genuine support.

Women who are ready to become empowered and create the life they desire and the relationships they deserve.

Is this you ? Can you relate?

I want to accept myself the way I am and be happy with my life
 but I don't know how 
(and nothing I have tried thus far such as self-help books, meditation, yoga, or talk therapy has created the long term change I want).

I want to be in relationships that feels good 
(but I am not and I can't understand why, or what I am doing wrong). 

I feel stuck in my life 
(and I am losing both motivation and hope that it will ever change).

There must be something more to life
(because everyone else seems happier than I am so I must be doing
something wrong).

I feel so alone
(and don't have anyone that really understands what I am going through -
I wish I could talk to someone and not feel judged).

What I really want instead is:

to feel whole and balanced
(in my mind, body, spirit)

be emotionally secure
(and understand how to shift myself when I am not)

have the resources and ability to get unstuck
(when I choose to)

to feel authentic when I use my voice
(and intrinsically know the importance and value of my contribution)

to know I am empowered to make the life changes I want
(whenever I am ready to)

to surround myself with likeminded women
(who are always there to support me, just as I am there to support them)

"I have been looking for a community like this for a long time because
I love learning about myself.
This community is more genuine than facebook and I like that the women here are all working on different parts of their lives, but in the end our goals are the same and we want to self discover.
I'm surprised how easy it has been for me to post freely and how I have come out
of my comfort zone.
The app is easy to use and if I am having a downer day being here helps me feel better
~ Ashley from Havelock, Ontario

 If it sounds like a fit, then come join us and learn how to solve the mystery of being you.

Guidance. Inspiration. Community.

You can join for a month and cancel anytime.


  • We don't give advice.
    We share stories, strategies, ideas, and inspirations. 

  • We listen and support without judgment.

  • We don't rescue, because you don't need rescuing.

  • We encourage you to ask for what you need, whether be heard, understood, comforted,
    or just virtually held. 

  • We encourage you to be present for others as they are to you.

Self Knowledge = Self Empowerment

The process of self-empowerment is a 
journey of self-discovery

  1. Start with acknowledging your life just the way it is.

  2. Deciding what you want instead.

  3. Learning how to change your beliefs and behaviours so you can create the life you want.

  4. Receiving support and encouragement along the way.

The learnings are intentionally set to focus on one life area each month.

This allows you time to practice and integrate new strategies while building on what you have already integrated

January - setting intention for the new year and understanding the Law of Attraction

Februaryunderstanding my relationship with myself

Marchunderstanding my relationship with my partner (or past partners, or partner I want to attract)

April - understanding my relationship with my family 

May - understanding my relationship with my friends

June - holistically changing my relationship with my mind

July - holistically changing my relationship with my body

August - holistically understanding my relationship with my spiritual self

September - what is my relationship with my career or job or valuable contribution in the world

October uncovering my relationship with money

November - connecting my relationship with play, pleasure, and lifelong learning  

December - understanding my relationship with my home environment and community

We begin each month with a live workshop.

Each week there is a learning opportunity
for further discovery.

Each day there is inspiration and support.

 Often there is a separate course for 6 women to deep dive into the topic and fast-track discovery and changes (annual members get a discount).

Monthly themes 
keep you focused and motivated on your self-care and help build your personalized tool kit of self- empowerment strategies that will sustain you and keep you holistically balanced in mind, body, and soul for the rest of your life.

Weekly learnings inspire you to show up for yourself in ways you likely haven't done before.
To help you can clarity on why your life is the way it is, and learn ways to transform the emotions that are keeping you stuck in your past. 

Daily Inspirations help you reframe what is happening in your life right now, and remind you to reset your thoughts and feelings. To keep you committed to unpacking your emotional baggage and removing the heavy backpack.

Connecting with the community is satisfying.
And you just never know who will say the right thing or share a story that will make an incredible difference for you that day.

We are your soft place to land, and your biggest cheerleaders.

Being surrounded by a feminine community is an amazing experience. I really like the Self Discovery community because it's positive and lifts me up when I go there.
It's easy to connect and I find everything
I am looking for as its well organized and
easy to search. 

The app is great and I pop into the community throughout the day to check in on what is happening.
On my work breaks I open it first instead of going into facebook (which is pointless and negative). There is a lot of good information that helps me understand myself, as well as gratitude which makes my life better
~ Brooke Lewis from Norwood, Ontario️

When you are in community you have company on your self-discovery journey. 

We are your kindred spirits, your sisterhood ~ and we understand what you are going through.

We will support you as you learn to live without apology, internal or external limitations

and confidently create the life you desire and
the relationships you deserve.

We look forward to the day when we 
 meet in person. 

Member benefits

12 ways in which we help you unpack your backpack:

  1. Private site you can access 24/7.

  2. Secure ability to chat in the main activity feed or private message ~ This is not a facebook group and there is no inappropriate drama or disrespectful comments, data mining or advertising. 

  3. Mobile app that is easy to use on the go.

  4. Discounts for workshops, courses, sacred circles, events, and group coaching.

  5. Access to curated videos and a library of information and resources.

  6. Monthly theme topic with a live workshop (recording available), weekly learnings & daily inspirations.

  7. Strategies to build your personalized tool kit of self-empowerment techniques using proven methods and techniques grounded in Western psychology, brain-based science, and time-tested Eastern tradition.

  8. Monthly session of Emotional Freedom Technique (group tapping) to holistically balance your mind, body, and soul through a harmonizing of science and spirituality.

  9. Discussion topics, interactive polls, and questions that are fun, engaging, and create conversations you won't find anywhere else.

  10. Connection with like-minded women who have also struggled with similar issues and are willing to share what has helped them through open, honest, and vulnerable conversations.

  11. Belonging to a unique sisterhood community that encourages you to deepen your knowledge about yourself, tap your inner wisdom, and strengthen your sense of self so you can finally answer the big and deep questions about who you are and why you are, and what to do next. 

  12. Finding your authentic empowered voice and practicing an unwavering authentic way of being in the world.

Through the understanding of fundamental psychology, of how self-limiting beliefs lead to self-sabotaging behaviours, you will learn why you think, feel, and behave the way you do.
And learn the tools and strategies to change your life.

Above all
Here you will discover why your life is the way it is and how to turn your silent struggles
into personal successes.

This is the teaching you wish you had been given when you were a teenager so you could have made different choices in your relationships and life.

Thank you
for considering joining us as you move forward on your healing journey.

I look forward to meeting you and
sharing transformation as you
solve the mystery of being you.

Read more about my story, education, and training at

Ready to join?

Membership plans are: 

  • Monthly at 19.99

  • Annually at 179.99 (two months free)

  • Lifetime at 299.99

*** We recommend you sign up with your desktop or android app instead of IOS app because Apple will charge you an extra $30

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